We are a team of licensed public adjusters working around the clock to get you back on track. Fast claim. Fair settlement. On your side.

Common Property Claims

Water Damage

Fire Damage

Roof Leak Damage

Flood Damage


We are a team of licensed public adjusters working around the clock to get you back on track. Fast claim. Fair settlement. On your side.

Common Property Claims

Water Damage

Fire Damage

Roof Leak Damage

Flood Damage

in compensation

Insurance Companies
Safeguard has worked with

Insurance Companies Safeguard has worked with

What to do after
Experiencing a loss
to your property

What to do after Experiencing a loss to your property

Most people contact their insurance company after ensuring their safety and that of others.

The next best step is to hire us to help you through the complex claims process. We take care of everything so you can have peace of mind.

Public Adjusting

Make sure your family is taken care of and safe after experiencing a loss.

Commercial Public

Resume your business operations and reduce losses with our help.

Peace of Mind

We have years of insurance experience so you don’t have to.

Frequently Asked

Find the answers you need or contact our experts today.

Our Promise

Greater compensation. No out-of-pocket expense

On average, Safeguard has increased insurance compensation by 40%. Higher payment for you means our services are covered, and you get more freedom on what to do next.

Residential Public Adjusting Services

Residential Public Adjusting Services

Home damage can be devastating for your family, both emotionally and economically. Having to relocate while your home is restored or finding a new home altogether comes with challenges and expenses. You don’t need to add filing and winning an insurance claim to that list. Safeguard helps you with the following :

  • Accelerate insurance process
  • Help you cover Additional Living Expenses (ALE)
  • Communicate and guide you through the process

Commercial Public Adjusting Services

Businesses trust Safeguard when it comes to handling their claims. They understand the value of obtaining a fast and fair settlement. In addition, our experience dealing with complex commercial claims allows us to avoid obstacles and manage cases of any size. Safeguard helps with the following:
  • Connect you to other vendors
  • Document and appraise the inventory
  • Increase compensation and reduce expenses

How Safeguard

Gives You Peace Of Mind

Gives You Peace
Of Mind

Review Your Policy

You don’t have to navigate hundreds of pages or understand insurance policies. We are experts, so you don’t have to be.

Provide you Experts

Building an insurance case on top of dealing with the damage to your property on your own is stressful. We provide you with a supporting team of experts.

Increase Compensation

With a greater settlement, you can rest knowing you can get your family or business back to normal or better.

Public Adjusting Services

Frequently Asked Questions

 It’s not too late to hire a public adjuster and to have an expert on your side.   It’s common for owners to try to handle property damage claims on their own, especially if it’s the first time they’ve incurred such damages.  A public adjuster will work on your behalf to properly evaluate the loss, review your policy to identify coverage, and work with the insurance company adjuster to settle the claim quickly and efficiently.

It is not too late and why you should never sign a settlement agreement right after the initial loss is settled. It is common to have supplemental damage claims that can be filed for things such as undiscovered water damage, or damage behind walls, or under floors, once reconstruction starts. Having a public adjuster on board early will help to identify these common problem areas and adjust the claim accordingly before the loss is settled and the repairs begin.

If your contractor attempts to manage your claim, it is considered acting as a public adjuster.  Your contractor cannot do this, as it is against most state regulations and considered against the law.   While your contractor is an essential part of the process, they cannot help you settle your insurance claim. These contractors are experts in repairing your property to its original state, not experts in handling claims. 

A public adjuster cannot act as a contractor on the same claim, even if they also hold a contractor’s license, which is allowable in some states. Acting as both a public adjuster and contractor on the same claim would also be considered a conflict of interest.  

In many instances, it will speed up the claim settlement due to the knowledge of the process that the public adjuster holds.  The amount of time depends on the complexity of the claim and your insurance carrier.  The public adjuster is working for you to make sure that you are indemnified properly, this may require multiple discussions with the insurance carrier and even field meetings with the carrier adjuster, or other professionals necessary to document your damage properly.   All of this can take time with the goal in mind that you are properly taken care of.



Lindsay C.

We wish Cheryl could help us navigate all of life’s challenges! Having her handle our insurance claim was the best decision we made in the last year. There is absolutely no way we could have navigated the process, handled the paperwork, met with adjusters, and negotiated for fair reimbursement on our own. Cheryl is responsive, dependable, kind, knowledgeable, intelligent, determined, detail oriented and above all, trustworthy. She takes pride in her work and puts her clients first. –
Lindsay & Josh, Middle River, MD


Alona C.

I used Safeguard Public Adjusting Service. Worked with Mrs. Jones who read through my policy thoroughly to make sure we receive coverages we were entitled to. She is very knowledgeable and Promptly keeping you informed. Because of her Expertise, our results were amazing. I highly recommend this company and will use it again.


Lisa B.

Cheryl Jones assisted me with a claim I had for damage to my roof. State Farm would only approve $900.00 for the repair . I have $1,000.00 deductible so that means State Farm would give me nothing . With Cheryls help my roof, gutters and leaf guards replaced by State Farm insurance. She worked closely with the adjuster to obtain a fair settlement based on my policy coverage. During the course of the claim she met with both the company adjuster and my contractor to make sure everything was settled for me. Cheryl also communicated with me on a regular basis so I understood where my claim stood.

I would highly recommend the Safeguard Public adjusting.
Lisa B.